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We run fully-modded and vanilla servers in the US and UK [Russian Server Coming Soon]. Our modded servers feature custom loot, missions, UI, and other mods that enhance the experience. Of course, the vanilla server is vanilla, and will always be wiped and updated regularly upon new Rust updates.

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  3. Kill celebration

    for youtube dayaaz.wmv
  4. Barrels and Civ tents

    i find barrels BUT they are rare. off the beaten path mostly
  5. Vip isnt working

    weird bug with website maybe I have no idea I had a different code earlier. ( VIP1-359473224) and I left my computer running when I hopped off. I played for about an hour with the V.I.P membership 1 and then I hopped off to take a nap. I woke back up and it appeared that my code on your website was completely different then the one I had written down. The one I had written down the up above worked. Neither code works. the new code is code (VIP1-9953675295) also seen in the screenshot I took.
  6. Question about dayz420

    Maybe in the future but right now there is not enough traction to void that kind of server.
  7. Earlier
  8. Epoch can be fun, DTR Overpoch seems to be rinsing all arma 2 server atm thou
  9. Is the NWAF TDM pvp server ever gonna make a return?
  10. VIP Purchase Help

    http://420gaming.net/forum/index.php?/support/ Please click on " new request " then fill a support ticket ,this is the only way you will receive support with this Thank you - Lv (THREAD LOCKED)
  11. I bought the £10 vip, But now i wanna change to VIP 3, but i dont want to spend £30, it there anyway i can make it so i can pay £20 and get vip 3?
  12. 20180228192717_1.jpg

  13. 20180310194519_1.jpg

  14. 20180310194203_1.jpg

  15. 420 for the win

    This server does bring this game back to life for me and a few guys. well done.
  16. Question about servers

    Not really sure if this is where I should ask or what, but a while back I played on the roleplay server for dayz standalone and really enjoyed it. I noticed yesterday it is no longer available according to the TS. My question is, will it be back online sometime or is it gone for good?
  17. FPS BOOST CHANGE (Vote here!)

    I do agree with you. It takes the hardcore aspect out of the game. Altgough i like having no grass as it reminds me of arma i dont think its a good idea for standalone. I do however thinks its good for people with low end PC's. (vote remove)
  18. Hi, i try to play on dayz standalone server nwa pvp. But when i join server i have error i send photo down there Please help !
  19. If you try to join the server thru the launcher, it will ask u if u want to set up mods and join. Do that
  20. i cant access the download links to even play the game
  21. https://www.strawpoll.me/15241117 Removing the grass in my opinion is a very stupid stupid stupid idea! Especially when multiple of the VIP kits spawn you with a ghillie suit! Using the FPS boost the way it is basically renders ghillie suits useless!
  22. 420


  24. This is a definite possibility. We once ported Namalsk into a DayZ SA .59 server, and I loved it. We didnt have many players back then, but now, with our larger player base, I bet it would be a hit. Thanks for your input.
  25. Hey guys... Please use this area to post your general off-topic posts until we get the forums a little more organized. Thanks.
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