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We run fully-modded and vanilla servers in the US and UK [Russian Server Coming Soon]. Our modded servers feature custom loot, missions, UI, and other mods that enhance the experience. Of course, the vanilla server is vanilla, and will always be wiped and updated regularly upon new Rust updates.

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    A quick View of nwaf server always filled with players join now ! And have some good pvps!
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    A quick View of nwaf server alwayes filled with players join now !And Have some good pvps! 420GAMING!
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    Here this will explain everything u guys have fun 420x By EVAN
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    Before asking for asistance about how to craft the wooden planks, make sure the logs (firewoods) are the most top left item in the barrel and try again (3 stacks minimum) < ? How to make sure no one can gltich into your base ? > #Make sure to follow these simple tips <1# Don't build your base near/into/using an existent building> <2# Make it a box in the middle of nowhere> <3# Surround it by half built fences in an X shape (Two half built fences tilted to make an X shape)> Keep in mind that if base building is not in dayz yet it's because of this, glitch, but we wanted to make it possible for you to test it, to make your dayz experience a little bit funnier, and this will not make your base 100% anti glitch, glitchers always find a way to be cancer. This is experimental, and thus buggy. Thanks DaOne for the tips =Base Building Tutorial by Anaconda= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJIjgDlu810&t=42s(edited) YouTube Anaconda Dayz420 How To Build a base! -Griefing bases or Despawning gear within bases is a bannable offense. You will be Permanently removed. -Bases, Tents and Barrels need to be interacted with every 3 days or the server will delete them. This is to maximize server performance. -NO Base building within 500m of the Safe Zone. -NO Base building within 500m of ANY Trade Zone. -NO Base building within 500m of ANY Military Base. (420 ADMIN base at Green Mountain is exempt from this rule) -NO Base building within 200m of VIP Teleport location. -Glitching into bases is a bannable offense.
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    DAYZ INFO: Discord: https://discord.gg/pSXBEwd DayZ Survival US420DayZ: ONLINE IP: DayZ Survival UK420DayZ: ONLINE IP: DayZ NWAF PvP US420DayZ: ONLINE IP: DayZ NWAF PvP UK420DayZ: ONLINE IP: DayZ Bloods vs Crips TDM Coastal PvP: OFFLINE IP: RustStonia UK420RUST: ONLINE IP: RustStonia US420RUST: ONLINE IP: