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  1. If you try to join the server thru the launcher, it will ask u if u want to set up mods and join. Do that
  2. This is a definite possibility. We once ported Namalsk into a DayZ SA .59 server, and I loved it. We didnt have many players back then, but now, with our larger player base, I bet it would be a hit. Thanks for your input.
  3. Hey guys... Please use this area to post your general off-topic posts until we get the forums a little more organized. Thanks.
  4. Barrels and Civ tents

    Barrels spawn in there normal areas like sheds... and tents were turned down a little but also spawn in normal areas like apts. Best to look for them right after a server restart. Or worst case... you can buy tents and barrels at the traders.
  5. So ive noticed that our A3 exile server isnt exactly poppin with players, so Im asking the community what kind of A3 server would you like to see us mod and add to? Do you want epoch? Exile? Desolation? Id like to make servers that people want to play, not what we want... so start sounding off. Tell us what you want in an Arma 3 server. Go go goooo!
  6. Hey guys, Just wanted to ask the community if they were interested in playing an Arma 2 modded server made by 420Gaming. If so, please reply here and add what type of mods you would like to see implemented on our A2 server. Do you want a vanilla DayZ server, modded DayZ server, or something else? Let me know here below! Thanks, TrE
  7. Persistent, tenacious fuckers.

    not sure, ask Monster about it. i just uploaded some screenshots to the gallery. see if it will allow you to post a video.