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We run fully-modded and vanilla servers in the US and UK [Russian Server Coming Soon]. Our modded servers feature custom loot, missions, UI, and other mods that enhance the experience. Of course, the vanilla server is vanilla, and will always be wiped and updated regularly upon new Rust updates.

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DayZ SA Survival Perk Pack™ #2

Perk Packs™ for DayZ SA 420 Survival Servers

There is more than one purchasable item, so if one is sold out... try clicking on another one until you find one available.

Whats Included:

A Wallet with 35k coins

A Medium Tent

A Large tent

and 7 Builder Packs with building supplies

5 products

  1. 3.00 GBP

  2. 3.00 GBP

  3. 3.00 GBP

  4. 3.00 GBP

  5. 3.00 GBP