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Survival Server Rules

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420Gaming Community is multi-cultural and many languages are spoken. To ensure all players have a fair and balanced experience we offer several links to online translators to help with the translation of the below listed server rules.


=General Survival Server Rules=


To ensure an enjoyable gaming experience on the 420 Survival DayZ servers we ask that all players please read the following rules. Some rules are common sense. So if you have to ask if you can or should do something. Then chances are you probably should NOT. But if you find yourself needing to ask. Please type ingame "I NEED AN ADULT" Or contact an Admin via Discord/TeamSpeak. Or the 420 website http://420gaming.net

-Respect ALL 420 staff members. We can be your bestfriend or your worst enemy. -We do NOT tolerate Glitching, Exploiting or Hacking. -"Racist Terms" can be tolerated but going too far and harassing can result in punishment. -We will NOT tolerate excesive Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Religious Intolerance or activities which would be deemed Toxic. -Stream Sniping of players and members of the 420 community is NOT tolerated. -DayZ is in Alpha. 420 Staff will NOT replace or return lost or stolen gear due to game or server bugs. Or server restarts/crashes. -Spawn camping is NOT allowed and will result in punishment. This includes all fresh spawn locations. -Do NOT camp VIP spawn locations [Cherno][Electro][Lopatino][Balota][Zelenogorsk]. Some engagements may take place and will be dealt with on a situational basis. You may not engage a player leaving the VIP spawn point within 200m of the spawn. Knowing these locations is your responsibility. Please check the following section to be advised of the current VIP locations.


=Safe Zone - Trade Zones=


-There is currently only 1 Safe Zone/Trade Zone, located in Staroye. (Godmode is enabled in this area). -You will receive an ingame message notifying you when you have entered and exited the Safe Zone. -Camping the Safe zone is NOT allowed, you cannot engage a player who has exited the safe zone within 200m of the border ie; Safe Zone message. -Building bases within the Safe Zone or Trade Zones is NOT allowed. -The Safe Zone is where players can gather without being killed or griefed. -There are currently 2 Trade Zones, 1 is located in Lopatino and the other is located in Stary Sobor. (Godmode is NOT enabled in these two areas). -Stealing inside the Safe Zone & Trade Zones is allowed. -Stealing or griefing vehicles within the Safe Zone is NOT allowed. -Greifing or Trolling the Safe Zone is NOT allowed. This includes and is not limited to the following events: Force feeding players, Taking blood or Injecting blood from/into players, locking players inside buildings, blocking the trader or doorways. Or any behavior seen by the Admins to be considered toxic and disruptive.


=Bases and Base Building=


-Griefing bases or De-spawning gear within bases is a bannable offense. You will be Permanently removed. -Bases, Tents and Barrels need to be interacted with every 3 days or the server will delete them. This is to maximize server performance. -NO Base building within 500m of the Safe Zone. -NO Base building within 500m of ANY Trade Zone. -NO Base building within 500m of ANY Military Base. (420 ADMIN base at Green Mountain is exempt from this rule) -NO Base building within 200m of VIP Teleport location. -Glitching into bases is a bannable offense.


=Reporting Players=


Video and Screenshot evidence is required to file any report of a rules violation. Unless otherwise witnessed first hand by an Admin/MOD or member of the 420 staff. We try to promote an enjoyable gaming experience for all our players on 420. So if you witness rules being violated. Please do not hesitate to bring it to our attention.


=How to Appeal A Ban=


To appeal any ban please visit the 420gaming.net website to file a support ticket. Or you can join the 420 TeamSpeak or Discord support channels. Only the individual banned can appeal their ban.




Admins and 420 staff have the final say in any situation. Our house! Our Rules! Bans and punishment will be dealt with on a individual basis and dealt with accordingly. Our final decision is not up for debate or discussion. Thank you - The Management Our rule set is dynamic and may and will change as our servers evolve. So please stay active and current on all rule sets. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse. THESE RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE.

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