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We run fully-modded and vanilla servers in the US and UK [Russian Server Coming Soon]. Our modded servers feature custom loot, missions, UI, and other mods that enhance the experience. Of course, the vanilla server is vanilla, and will always be wiped and updated regularly upon new Rust updates.

Join us on our Arma 3 Exile Chernarus Redux server


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weird bug with website maybe I have no idea I had a different code earlier. ( VIP1-359473224) and I left my computer running when I hopped off. I played for about an hour with the V.I.P membership 1 and then I hopped off to take a nap. I woke back up and it appeared that my code on your website  was completely different then the one I had written down. The one I had written down the up above worked. Neither code works.  the new code is code (VIP1-9953675295) also seen in the screenshot I took.

Luckys V.I.P.png

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